Interested in becoming and umpire?

Have a look at the great benefits of joing the ranks of the "blue crew". Training, support, exercise and cash are just a few of the superb reasons for being an ump.


Becoming An Umpire

Yes, we understand what you are thinking right now and likely people have asked the same thing. "Are you crazy?", is the common reply we got when we when we told our friends and family that we were considering becoming an umpire. But, there are some incredible benefits of becoming an umpire:

Improve and Maintain Fitness
It might not seem like it, but really is.


Extra Income
Not only will you get the best seat in the house, you get paid! You can earn $35- $40 per game which often equates to more than $80 per night!


Meet New Friends
Umps have a great rapport with their fellow umps.


Learn to Make Snap Decisions
You'll learn this skill which can transfer to your daily life.


Be Part of a Great Team
Just like the teams, umps have a great team atmosphere.


Because you will be a registered under Canada Softball, you'll benefit from their insurance policy.

Confidence, Pride and Commitment
Of course you'll need to be confident and have a sense of pride with the important job you'll be doing.


You'll need to show the players, fans and coaches that you're willing to work hard.


Physical and Mental Alertness
You will making quick decision and you need to be prepared.


You'll have to maintain a sense of fair play and impartiality.


Willingness to Learn
Sure, you may have played the sport for years, but you'll be experiencing a new part of the game.

While having knowledge of the game is important, no experience is necessary.
We do all the training and you will have the support of the entire membership. We welcome both men and women over the age of 18. So, if you are younger (and lets face it, who wouldn't want to be), please contact the Edmonton Blue Crew. If you want to be an integral part of the game and make a little extra income, why don't you join us? You can be assured of a warm welcome into the ranks of our association, and an opportunity to enhance your ability on the field. You will learn valuable skills on the diamond which can easily be transferred to your day to day life. Now we can't say that you should eject a spouse or partner because they disagree with your decision but we can show you the importance of good communication and decision making. Please accept this as a personal invitation and consider becoming a part of the third team out on the diamond, the "BLUE" team.

What about all the yelling from the coaches, players and fans?
We all realize that TV shows coaches and players yelling at the umps. And we would be lying if we told that never happens. We will not only teach you the about game, the about rules and about the mechanics (i.e. the how-to's), but we will teach you how to diffuse situations and how to handle conflict. Sounds like something you could use even at work, doesn't it? As you progress and learn more about umpiring, you'll have numerous opportunities to learn from seasoned umpires and how to handle situations like this. We provide a huge support network for all umpires within the Edmonton and District Umpires Association (EDSUA).


Slo pitch... fastpitch: What's the difference?
Slo-Pitch, as the name implies, differs from fast-pitch in the speed with which the ball is delivered. Because it is a hitter's game, 10 players are used instead of the traditional 9. The 10th player is usually employed as an extra outfielder. The ball is pitched slowly in a high arc making it an easier target for hitters. The game usually features a lot of runs.

FastPitch or FastBall is the more traditional version of the sport and a competent pitcher can dominate a game. With fewer runs being scored than in slo-pitch strategy plays a more important role.


If I choose to become an ump, do I have to do both styles?
When you join the EDSUA, you'll have freedom to pick the type of softball you want to officiate.


How often to I have to ump?
That's up to you. You could work 1 night a week or several nights a week. Our allocator will work hard to help with your schedule. Once you gain a bit of experience, you'll have the opportunity to ump at some weekend tournaments. Of course, this is up to you and your availability.


But I'm a girl...?
Like we've said, both men and women are welcome in the EDSUA. In fact, many of our female umpires have had the opportunity to travel across Canada and the world to officiate. Several of our female umps have even officiated Senior Men's games.


What type of equipment will I need?
For both styles of softball, you will need the proper Softball Canada umpire attire which includes a Softball Canada baseball cap, Softball Canada shirt, navy blue ball bag, navy blue pants, black socks, black belt, black running shoes, and an indicator (i.e. - counter). If you choose to officiate fastpitch, you'll also require knee pads, chest protector, black steel toed shoes, face mask and any other additional protective gear.

Many of our officials will sell their used equipment for a very reasonable price to other members and first year officials. Also, you'll get the inside track on where the best prices can be found.


What part of the city would I officiate?
Because slo-pitch and fastpitch are popular, games will tend to be throughout the city. Certain leagues will hold their games at certain ball diamonds or certain parts of the city. Once again, you can work with our allocator to best suit your requirements. Tournaments can take place throughout the city and surrounding region.


I play in a league, can I still ump?
Absolutely!. But let's face it. Some competing players will say that you officiated a game a certain way to help your own team's interest. We know that would never happen but our allocator will work to minimize any "conflict of interest" that could potentially arise.


How do I become trained and how long will that take?
Training usually takes place at the yearly spring clinic and last for 2 days. Here you will be trained from experienced umpires who love to share their knowledge with others. An exam is required by Softball Canada and is completed as a group and open book test. You will also learn the logistics and happenings within the EDSUA.

Wow, this sounds great! Who do I talk to for more information?

For more information
Please email Kelly Porter or call 780-554-3106. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

The only other thing to say is... PLAY BALL!!




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